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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 1st brings our year to a close

So, I guess I can't put off a review of our first year much longer.  First, I should mention that blogging out the goals and directions we wished to take paid off.  Unlike plans scribbled on the back of envelopes, of which I have many, lol... the one I posted to the inter webs is just where I left it!  That in itself is progress : ).

Some of our plans worked out well.  Our planting goals were limited to getting in a chunk of our perennials.  Of the 14 trees, 13 are surviving.  The fig tree will be replaced down the road, in a better protected spot, tended by better educated people.
The asparagus and berries also made it through the year.
Overall evaluation is that our planting goals were reasonable for our situation, and were reasonably successful. 

Our animal plans  also seemed to go well, overall.  The goal was 8 layers & a rooster, and we've 7 gals and guy with us today.  The one death occurred early on, and was most likely a human caused accident.  Otherwise, the birds have appeared to thrive.  I think the temperature was too high at times, and I never added any medicine or prophylactics to their water.  There was no noticeable slowdowns in their laying during the winter, either.  Ultimately, the only problem with the chickens is:  we want more! and already have more eggs than we need!  Obviously there are many solutions to the situation and we will figure out which one(s) we wish to take soon.