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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All the way, Babyyyy!

Kansas City Royals
Some 30 odd years ago baseball players went on strike. This coupled with my intense dislike for George Brett led me to strike too- as a patron. This is official notice that I have rescinded strike status.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Would we do it again?

At purchase, this was an L shaped floor-plan, with the kitchen in the middle, a bedroom wing to the left, and living areas to the right.  Each of the three segments were 900sf, and had different flooring.  Each flooring was in ok shape, but the contrasts bugged me.  More importantly, the bedroom wing was carpeting.  Carpeting may feel nice under foot, but it doesn't mix well with a lengthy list of respiratory problems.  Or indoor animals.  And that is how the cheapskate in me came to conclude that i could live with sacrificing a hunk of the rehab funds for new floors for roughly 2/3 of the home. 
Like many people, we'd love hardwood.  Unfortunately, it is not only pricey, it is not impervious to animals' claws or accidents.  Nor did it seem worthwhile to go to the time effort or expense involved in sanding and refinishing the floors to get a matching product.  Ultimately we decided that we'd go with a laminate.  A sale package at a big box store limited our choices, and our costs, and we ended up with Pergo XP Alexandria walnut.  It was rated AC 4, commercial medium trafficking,  so I had hopes it would stand up to farm life.  I also chose it because it had the least contrast to the real wood in the house.

Shown together, the differences are apparent.  Fortunately however, the kitchen, tiled with a muted travertine tile , separates them, both visually & spatially.  I was full of doubts about these choices... afraid I'd end up with a mis matched patch work of materials similar to what we started with, concerned how they'd cover in an old house, and concerned about their wear.  Being such a cheapskate frugal person, I had opted to reuse the old baseboards too, to save a few cents.  This was another opportunity for wasted time, energy and money if I'd made the wrong call.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Odds and Ends on Animals.

5 month anniversary with chickens, 1 month with goats.
 Things I've learned thus far:
  •  Only thing more hyper than a baby goat gal is a baby goat gal who's scored a sip of your coffee. 
  • Chickens don't lay eggs at eggzactly 5 months- not even   if you wave calendars in their face. 
  •  Slippin your cell phone in your sports bra while lecturing roo on his duties may result in random boob dialings & recordings of the above conversation. 
  •  baby goats may look like they're on their hind legs to move in for snuggles, but they're probably just positioning themselves to wee wee on your boots.