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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First things First

Watching the seasons change, and our first year living on these few acres come to an end, has me in a reflective and nostalgic mood.  Evaluating roads traveled and trying to peer into paths yet taken is best suited for those shortest, quietest days, though.  Before reaching that phase of review it seemed only right to spend some time in the tradition of giving thanks!

I walk around daily in gratitude, joy and appreciation rising to the surface like sunlit champagne bubbles. They tickle my soul and leave me down right giddy. 

Every stone, splinter and stubbed toe of life before has led me to this:  this place.  this person.  this now

I like to believe that this constant chorus of thanks giving  reaches their giver.  I'm blessed beyond measure, and am awed and amazed by the enormity of the gifts.

Hopefully the 'meat world' too knows something of the extent to which I'm humbled by and appreciative of their generosity and support.  Nary a single award acceptance speech is given without the mandatory "I couldn't have done it without....__________."  And, in my case, that is the simple truth.  Not only couldn't I have done it without the wonderful people who share and support these dreams, I wouldn't have wanted to!!

I thought the time was appropriate to share my thankfulness for one other group that enriches, educates & entertains me on a daily basis:  All of you inter-netters who've taken the time to share your thoughts, plans, project details etc!  This collective <you.  and you. and you, too :)> has given me so much information and wisdom borne from experience, that I've the confidence to undertake some of my most cherished dreams. 

Thank you!