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The P.O. had ran a  flea market in the basement.  There was so much there that I didn't find  that "half bath" till the third visit. 

This hall bath is basic builder grade, but it'll work.  I do like drawers in the sink base, and that it opens into the laundry/mudroom.  I already miss the charm of my current home's built ins and woodwork, but I imagine I'll grow glad to have traded it for the convenient layout.

 Meh.  It'll work I reckon.  Probably put a slimmer sink in though.  Oh. and some flooring :).

 Another space that will work.  It's cheap vinyl and stamped plastic panels, but I like it's layout.


Guest/craft room:

Smaller guest room:

 NW bedroom:
SE bedroom:
SW bedroom:

 Family Room:

Laundry/Mud Room:

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