Stop by & offer a few pointers, or point & laugh, as a few old farts figure out the fine art of living... Life on a Few Acres


The first two weeks are behind us with nothing tangible to show for them.   We decided to upgrade the septic up front, so coordinating with the county and installers is one of the main projects underway.
It probably seems like a silly city folk kind of undertaking, to fix something that isn't broken.  Perhaps it is.  My perspective is that I prefer to get everything up to code / over built now, and not have to deal with it down the road.

Another project we've been working on is pulling up carpeting / flooring in the east wing.  It was professionally installed, newer and in good shape, and I feel a few pangs as i dismantle it.  But, between the O.F.s breathing conditions, the dirt we anticipate, and the numerous 4 footed masters we serve, I felt strongly that I needed flooring options that were easiest to keep clean, and had the most durable finishes...

The overall goal for the living space and it's systems is to work smarter, not harder, and to have built
in flexibility and redundancy.

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