Stop by & offer a few pointers, or point & laugh, as a few old farts figure out the fine art of living... Life on a Few Acres


Hi, thanks for stopping by!  I am a complete novice at blogging, but back in the Mary tyler Moore dark ages of journalism, the rules of writing  were something along the lines of answering the following: Who what when where & why. 

First, the who(s).  Currently they consist of three old farts, 2 & 1/2 cats, & 2 dogs.  The cast is definitely subject to change.

4/21/16 update:  We've grown to 7 RIR layers, 1 rooster, 2 Nigerian dwarves 2 barn cats and 3 occasional canines.
  The what when & where:  Recently Purchased a small acreage outside a small town in the mid-west.  There's a house in decent shape, a large metal building, and an assortment of barns, smoke houses, coops & sheds that range from poor to awful to amazing shape.  Unfortunately, the amazing part is only that the darn thing is still standing!  There's a wee bit of woods, no fence to speak of, but a fair number of fence post in place, no discernible  garden or fields, nor water, other than the city hook up.  The house does have a metal roof, which I think will prove to be  a positive when it comes to water collection systems.

The why: 

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