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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pretty Girl Leonard Laid an EGG!

I know- "skin color" doesn't matter- they're all the same on the inside. Still, there's something about the colored eggs that tickles the fancy of children of all ages, eh? ;)

We here are no exception.  Our singular Easter egger was Queen of the day when, at 9 months, she shared this beauty.  As far as I know, it was this size right out of the gate- if there were smaller egg farts-practice eggs, we never saw them.

I feel like an old hand at this chicken wrangling stuff, as a few days prior, I'd noted that she was probably ready to lay.  I'd pulled this opinion out of my thin air, and offered it to another of the ole farts who wondered whether ms. Leonard was
a gal who only *dated* her own kind.  In retrospect, I think I'd unconsciously noted that she had stood still and let me pet her, which I had forgotten I had read is one sign of sexual maturation.  Something to do with standing still and lowering to the ground to accept the rooster.  So now the ? isn't when will she lay, but, What color is the durn thing.  I see blue, others green.  My other ?, for bonus points, is what are those nested irish pottery dishes for??  If you know, don't bother raisin' your hand- Just shout it out ;)