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Friday, November 17, 2017

Guess who came for dinner?

Well imagine the gratitude I felt for having  turned On the entry hall light last night!  Normally, it is dusk, or darker, when I traipse down this hall, kick off my indoor shoes, wiggle into my barn gear and go out for evening chores.

It's not that I'm squeamish, precisely, but who wants to try to identify a snake once it is hanging from your big toe by it's tiny lil teeth?

As  in this previous post about our house snakes 
I am not sure what kind of fellow this is.   That is a standard size heat register, and normally hidden by quarter round trim sized gap for scale.  My assumption was it was a young snake, but I could certainly be wrong on that score.  So, if anyone's
guesser is charged up, feel free to share your thoughts.  I still have the link to Kansas snakes by type and appearance  but, like before, it doesn't seem to help me much.

Maybe next time I run into him, I'll get a better picture.  Yes, I expect to see him again.  Apparently normal people would have interrupted their schedule long enough to show the visitor to the door.
Apparently I am not normal.  All I know is he was missing when I came back in, and I have taken to wearing my indoor boots inside :).


  1. Do you have pygmy rattlers (Ground rattler) in Kansas? Looks like one except lighter in color. Tiny but poisonous.

    1. Hi Ane, thanks for your comment! Supposedly those snakes are only as far north as Oklahoma / Missouri. Which means: maybe, but hopefully we don't. We do have a prairie rattlesnake that the literature says is often confused with the prairie king snake and/or the great plains rat snake. I know there are both rattlers and rat snakes around, but can't tell which this is.

  2. Yikes! Definitely not a welcome visitor! Hopefully next time you see him he won't be too much bigger!

    1. oh boy, hadn't even began to worry 'bout running into a bigger and badder version of him. eeek!