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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Seasons Have Changed yet again

(April 23, 1962 - June 24, 2017)
Shaun was born April 23, 1962, in MN, and died suddenly on June 24, 2017.
Shaun graduated from Duluth East and the University of Minnesota in 1985, majoring in physics.
While in MN he worked a variety of jobs, including Scenic carpenter and artist for Design Group and KTCA TV. He participated in the restoration of the commuter vessel the Windrose, and was employed as a machine builder, contract and electrical technician with many companies. 

He relocated in 2001 in order to pursue “the dream job of a lifetime.” Although he never regretted the move, he did miss those left behind, the beautiful scenery of his home state, and the opportunities to canoe, hike and fish for walleye it offered.

Shaun moved in 2003. He began working in 2004 as instrument and electrical journeyman. In 2013 he relocated, fulfilling his and his partners’ dream of retiring to the country to breed Kinder goats. He particularly looked forward to having his workshop set up so he could indulge his many hobbies, and learn how to make Applejack. 

Born on St. George’s Day, Shaun loved dragons. He was a good hearted prankster, an avid reader of Fantasy science fiction and enjoyed gaming and puzzles of any kind. He liked music from the 70’s, especially “hippie acid space rock.” He also enjoyed blue grass, classical and both playing and listening to piano. 

Shaun believed a study of physics resulted in a journey from agnosticism to belief for most. He found his own spiritual sustenance in nature: particularly, the family cabin, parks, and waterfalls of MN’s north shore. Shaun has been cremated, and will be returned to rest in those places he loved. No services will be held, but Prayers offered for his safe journey home are welcome. Memorial contributions are suggested to animal control or the library and can be left in care of the Funeral Home. 

Shaun was a current member of united food & commercial workers union,. He was a past board member of the AACSA. 

Shaun was blessed to be part of two large extended families, and was a gentle soul who was loved by many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He was much loved and will be sorely missed by the many he leaves behind, those in the home, Julie, parents Clyde and Jean sister Wendy, brother David (Stacy), and his nephews Max, Josh, Jon and Arik


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    1. Thank you, Tonya. I appreciate that.

  2. "fulfilling his and his partners’ dream of retiring to the country to breed Kinder goats. " I didn't even know Shaun but here was a kindred spirit. I know he will be deeply missed by those who love him. You've honored him in a very touching way.

  3. Thanks Leigh. He didn't "know" you either, but "internet-Leigh" was a project source he heard quoted once or twice :).

  4. jewlz...he sounds like someone who would fit right in with us. it sounds like he had a glorious life...thank The Lord...but i guess God has a job for him in heaven right now. or maybe it was just time for his "matter" to intermingle with other matter and create something entirely brand-new to the world. we will be sure to look for Shaun in the stars tonight. and if we don't see him there, we will look for him on the beach and in the river. that sneaky Shaun..he's hiding in the trees somewhere! we'll try and find him! but maybe he's hiding out in your yard??? sneaky Shaun. he'll be passing all of his best atoms and matter to the world in the way he sees fit.

    what a beautiful eulogy. for a beautiful man.

    sending love. your friend,

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Kymber. He'd definitely have liked your neck of the woods!