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Saturday, September 27, 2014

More pieces of the homesteading puzzle in place!

I'm not certain which is the biggest achievement:  snagging 6 I.B.C. totes, or biting the bullet & taking our maiden voyage with craig's list in order to do so.  

Don't have all the numbers penciled out, but figure we can put two  on house for orchard, & the rest on the barn above the garden, to supply both the garden & the critters.  Putting animals above a water source screams all kinda warnings, but I'm hoping we'll find a system that works for the location.  

Either way, I'm pretty tickled to have made a start in the goal of  partial water self sufficiency.


  1. I am not familiar with these. They store water for your watering needs but how does the water get into them in they are on top of buildings? Do you build something that directs the water into them?

  2. Fantastic! We love ours for rainwater collection. And it is so nice to have the irrigation water when it's needed. Dan's talking about setting one up with a filter so we can use the water for flushing toilets.

  3. Hi Kathy. Thanks for the visit, and the questions! Typically a regular gutter system is used to fill the container. This tank usually sits below the roof, often slightly elevated in order to more easily access the spigots found on Once a first flush diverter is installed on the down spout, rain water is directed into the totes. The link below undoubtedly explains far better than I.


  4. That sounds promising, Leigh. I am looking fwd to figuring out all our options, too!