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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eight Months In *or* Where I've been

Reaching the bottom of the pile of today's do-dues meant I found the calendar... & realized we ole farts have been farm owners for *8* months!  I guess it's fair to say we're right on track with this project, but only because we have no time table or track laid out.  A technical distinction, but if it gives us a gold
star in the progressing right on schedule column, I will make it.

Though no project is fully checked off, there has been some movement towards completions.
  • Septic field is in, paid for, & wearing the county's seal of approval.  None of that was strictly necessary, I suppose, as we're the one's who instigated the inspections and upgrades, but I wanted to invest now and get ahead of any EPA power grabs.  This project remains on the incomplete list as we're still in process of draining and filling in the old lagoon.
  • Had the H vac fella out to toy with the furnace & A.C. systems (yes plural, 2 of each).  He seems to think it best to wait to replace them, so he did the routine maintenance, we filled the propane tank, chose our favorite wood stove, & put a tentative check  beside the heating & cooling column.  He still needs to come back with his software and calculate loads and such, but I feel that with propane, wood, electric & kerosene options, I can feel good about getting through the winter.   One nice discovery is that the house stayed cool enough without the AC on.  Thanks, Trees!  
  • Craft  & guest rooms had the craptastic paneling & ancient carpet removed, surfaces repaired, painted, & trim bulked up. 

    These during & during photos are of the craft room.  I fully intended to create a modern, bright room with purple lines,  modern flowers and yet some how soft colors showed up on the walls & antique roses bloomed on the fabrics.  Weird ;).
  • The living room's north wall was torn out, the chimney caulked, insulation beefed up, and a new wall put up.  
  • The master was originally too big.  (bet that is first. time. ever. anyone said that!) So we walled off an area 16x10 for the  office.  That's been built, insulated, wired, ceiling patched, dry walled, primed & painted.
  • The bedrooms have been patched, primed, painted & borders applied.  
  • Baseboards are up in all rooms we're replacing  floors in.
  • Floors are  chosen, and we're awaiting installation.
  • Wood stove & installers chosen & project initiated.  Should be wrapped up by spring LOL.
  • Canning Jars all found a home in an existing  closet under the stairs.  Inventory taken and actually up to date!
  • Painting  basement in process.
  • Caught & overcame the EV-D68 once or twice per person, as well as a stray infection here and there.
Gosh, I'm glad I wrote that down, it makes it look like something has really  been finished.
I'm sure I've forgotten odds & ends, like meeting, falling for, & bringing red Betty home with us, but it'll keep.

Hope every ANY one else reading this had a truly productive season! 


  1. Wow, you have been busy, busy busy! I so agree about spending money on areas that have the potential to be a problem. And the house really has to become livable, so it definitely gets a lot of work. Love your "right on track" rational, LOL

  2. Thanks for dropping by leigh, & for joining!

  3. jeesh - you did all that work in such a short time - yer making me feel like a lazy bum! getting your house and land set up is a daily thing - the project list will never be completed because there is "always something else" - but you guys are really getting there! congrats on all of your hard work!

    your friend,

  4. Thanks for the visit, & the encouragement, kymber! It is nice to get some of these foundation pieces in place so we can look ahead towards starting on the land, animal & outbuildings.