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Monday, January 6, 2014

Still on track to close this Friday

Goodness. When I admit I'm not at all ready, I don't mean that I've not finished packing. ( I haven't even begun lol ). It's more that I don't have a hook into the property. The earth contact home was easy. It was nestled in the middle of rolling prairies, settled by an english dr. named baghoot, who could trace his linage back to the 13th century. It was so quintessentially middle-earth shire that we could almost catch sight of the mushroom stealing hobbit in the back field.
The craftsman foursquare also gave a clear sense of style & function.  The path from what it was to what we needed it to be seemed obvious.

The ranch -Cottage- on the other hand, is just a generic remnant few acres of a cattle farm, bordered by high ways & grounded in grief.  Relative to the other properties, this was a brief  courtship followed by a shotgun wedding.  Hopefully as the marriage unfolds, we'll see the paths ahead more clearly.


  1. I love your descriptions, LOL. Such exciting times ahead as you truly make the place your own. Congratulations on achieving this huge hurdle!

  2. Thanks Leigh. Writing does seem to help sort things out eh. :)