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Monday, November 25, 2013

which did we choose?

First we made an offer on the 3200 sf owner built earth contact home on 3.6 acres.  I had  reservations, & wasn't the least bit unhappy to be outbid.

Next we offered on this 2100 sf craftsman styled 4 square with gorgeous built-ins, & a walk up attic.
She had some terrific outbuildings, and 3 acres.  After a few months, we  remain 15k apart.

This afternoon we're making an offer on this 2700 sf owner built 1950s ranch type house.
  This one has 5.6 acres, and a handful of outbuildings.  The ranch is my least favorite layout, & mid-century modern my least favorite decorating choice, but... this one is by far the closest to work, has more goat friendly land, and has the craftsman touches we crave, Sooo...

  We  will  see


  1. I just came by after your comment on my blog. You really bought a copy of my book?!?!? I am so honored! I didn't think anyone could find it yet.

    And I'm delighted that you finally found your very own place. From your comment I take it you now have a contract? So exciting. You'll make the place your own in no time. :)

  2. I sure did buy a copy LOL. I like the way you structure your info, and was happy to have a chance to support what you do.

    Thanks for the good thoughs on the new place :)

    1. I can't tell you what that means to me. Thank you!

      And, I'm looking forward to how it goes for you and what you do with it. You're at a very exciting place. :)