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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Odds and Ends on Animals.

5 month anniversary with chickens, 1 month with goats.
 Things I've learned thus far:
  •  Only thing more hyper than a baby goat gal is a baby goat gal who's scored a sip of your coffee. 
  • Chickens don't lay eggs at eggzactly 5 months- not even   if you wave calendars in their face. 
  •  Slippin your cell phone in your sports bra while lecturing roo on his duties may result in random boob dialings & recordings of the above conversation. 
  •  baby goats may look like they're on their hind legs to move in for snuggles, but they're probably just positioning themselves to wee wee on your boots.                                                                       Probably the most gratifying thing I've learned is how enjoyable it is to watch a new life discover and explore the world in which they find them selves.  Endlessly entertaining!


  1. Our pullets were 5 months old the 1st of October. I am getting ready to pick them up and start squeezing eggs out of them. They are enjoying their life too much running around my garden and napping. Maybe if I raise my voice and stomp my foot.......

  2. LOL. Let me know if that works, I'm still impatiently waiting here, too. Hopefully before we know it we'll be commiserating over an over abundance of eggs!